Care Instructions

Glass Tumblers

* Used for Cold Drinks only

* If Blingged lid, do NOT use Hot water as it will deactivate the glue and rhinestones may fall.

* Handwash Only

Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumblers

* Used fro Hot & Cold drinks

* Handwash only

* If coated with Resin, Do not use Boiling hot water or use dishwasher. Hot water activates Resin and makes it sticky.

DTF Shirts

* 100% cotton shirts are mainly used unless noted otherwise.

* Tumble Dry Only

* Wash inside out

Sublimation Shirts

* 65% - 100% Polyester shirts are mainly used.

* Sublimation ink becomes part of the shirt so no precautionaries needed.

* Anything less than 65% Polyester will look Vintage and can fade with every wash.

Keychains & Resin Items

* Resin should not be exposed to heat as it can deactivate and become sticky

* No two items are alike, some bubbles may be visible and cant be avoided no matter how much we try. So there may be IMPERFECTIONS.

ALL ITEMS are HANDMADE and IMPERFECTIONS can occur that are out of our control.